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Our goal is for all lab members to feel that they are valued, heard, and able to achieve their goals in a positive and collaborative environment. We are committed to providing a supportive environment in which all trainees and researchers achieve their potential, both in science and in life. Effective mentorship relies on intentionality in helping lab members define their goals and the steps necessary to achieve them. It is based on a joy of science and the acknowledgement that there is immense value in the process of formulating a hypothesis and testing it appropriately, regardless of the outcome. The goal of the Outtz Reed lab is to have a legacy of trainees that not only gain technical and scientific skills, but learn to love the beautiful and brave act of trying to answer a scientific question. We strive to match research projects to the skills, interests, and experience of our lab members.

There is a persistent lack of diversity in scientific research that must continue to be addressed. Our lab is particularly focused on the recruitment and retention of underrepresented individuals into research careers and dedicated outreach and mentorship in order to maintain a diverse lab environment. We actively acknowledge the particular challenges that underrepresented individuals face at all stages of their research careers and strive to combat these issues on all fronts.

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